Purchasing a dedicated hunting bow. I started archery hunting a little over a year ago and have successfully harvested three whitetail deer on my own. The upcoming bow season will be my third, and I am really looking forward to it. In addition to hunting, I use my compound bows to shoot indoor leagues, and 3D archery tournaments as time allows. However, I have found that a dual-purpose bow can be incredibly challenging.

Part of the challenge comes from using two unique styles of tips, one for hunting (broad heads) and the other for target and/or field practice.

After considerable thought I concluded that the best option for me was to purchase another compound bow specifically dedicated to hunting. This will ensure I do not have to adjust throughout the year, especially during hunting season when I am trying to squeeze every bit of daylight into marksmanship practice or being in the woods scouting and/or hunting. Considerations I had while shopping for a new bow included quality, reliability, cost, weight of the bow, draw length, draw weight, and overall height.

Bear Archery has been in business for ninety years and is a quality brand.

I evaluated a few other brands but the bow that really checked all the boxes for my needs is the Bear Archery “Legit,” which I purchased in True Timber’s Strata camouflage pattern. The bow is only thirty inches axel to axel, making it very compact and easy to maneuver in tight spaces. The weight is under four pounds, a big bonus for me after two major back surgeries during the last few years.

Being light and compact will aid in carrying and/or backpacking it to the woods, pulling it up in a tree stand or when drawing and waiting for that perfect shot, while sitting in a ground blind. Three additional benefits which appeal to me are the dual cam system, smooth draw cycle and an exceptionally easy let-off. Another bonus is the speed and ease of adjustment to the draw weight, it can be done on the fly without the need of a bow press.

One benefit I received, that was not really a necessity, as I move into turkey hunting in the next year or so, is the True Timber Strata camouflage pattern. I think this will really aid in greater conceal-ability in the woods, regardless of if I am in a blind, tree stand or in the open.

These all combine to convince me as to why I should have a dedicated hunting bow.

I am really looking forward to this year’s archery season and cannot wait to use my new Bear Legit model bow in the field.

- Jamie Meyer (Shoot Like a Girl)