Bear Technology

90 years of innovation

At Bear Archery, we strive to create equipment that gives you the best experience in the industry. From adjustable let-off to industry leading vibration reduction technology, discover the technology that makes our bows unique.

Everything is different. And Nothing has changed.

2023 Traditional Line

Bear Archery has been the industry standard for traditional recurves and longbows since 1933. Discover the all-new 2023 traditional line of bows.


Cruzer G3 RTH

Featuring a dual-cam system with up to 315 fps arrow speeds, adjustable draw length from 14" to 30" and adjustable draw weight from 10lbs to 70lbs, this bow offers the ultimate in performance, comfort and versatility.

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Women's Compound Bow

Prowess RTH

The Bear Archery Prowess is engineered to meet the unique needs of female archers. Lightweight, ergonomically designed, and with a super smooth draw cycle, the Prowess offers optimal performance and unparalleled accuracy.

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