The 2022 Bear Resurgence proves affordable hunting bows can be fast and accurate.

With its 2022 lineup of bows, Bear Archery has an option for every category of customer. They’ve got a flagship bow, a mid-range bow, and a budget bow. The Bear Resurgence is their mid-range offering, and for what it’s designed to do and who it’s designed for, it just might be the best of the three options. It’s fairly quick, nice to shoot, and it comes with almost everything you need to start hunting.

I know what you’re thinking: “Man, those package bows always have cheap accessories.”

That’s not the case with the Bear Resurgence. Bear is part of the same company that owns Trophy Ridge, which produces some excellent, budget-friendly accessories. And while the bow is a great mid-range option by itself, the accessories make it a real winner.

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