The Fred Bear Way

More than 85 years ago, a man named Fred Bear decided to follow his passion and start an archery company. He believed the finest trophies are not always in the harvests, but in the memories of fellowship and the great outdoors. At Bear Archery, we promise to never forget the principles our brands were founded on - to create utterly reliable, intensely lethal archery equipment, capable of delivering the ultimate archery experience. We are Bear Archery. This is The Fred Bear Way.

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Tools Bowhunters Trust

As producer of the world’s most-popular arrow rest, the Whisker Biscuit and the company that introduced React Technology to archery sights, Trophy Ridge proudly offers the industry’s best performing and most diverse suite of archery accessories. From quivers to rests, stabilizers, sights and releases, our products are intelligently designed to be deadly accurate, lighter weight, and give you a distinct advantage in the field.

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Cajun Bowfishing is proud to offer a complete suite of bowfishing equipment guaranteed to hold up to the extreme conditions on and off the water. From complete Ready-to-Fish bow bundles to individual barb points, Cajun Bowfishing has the tools to help you be a successful bow fisher.

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Broadheads You Can Take to Heart

Our mission at SIK Broadheads is to make insanely sharp and intensely lethal broadheads that give you the confidence to make a clean, ethical shot every time. Whether you prefer a mechanical or fixed blade broadhead, SIK Broadheads have you covered no matter the size of the game you're chasing.

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