Bear Archery, in collaboration with The Hunting Public, is excited to announce the launch of the highly anticipated 2024 ADAPT lineup. This new offering represents a breakthrough in solo-cam hunting bows, combining exceptional performance, comfort, and durability.

Aaron Warbritton, Host of The Hunting Public, explained the rationale behind the bow's design: "We wanted a bow that was easy to tune, accommodating a variety of broadhead and arrow combinations. Additionally, the bow needed to be accurate and forgiving for close-range shots in dynamic hunting situations. That's why we named it the 'ADAPT.' Its solid back wall and easy draw make it perfect for unpredictable hunting positions like crouching on the ground or hanging from a saddle. This bow was made to hunt, and that's exactly what we intend to do with it."

Developed in close collaboration with The Hunting Public, renowned experts in the field, the ADAPT lineup is designed to meet the evolving needs and preferences of bowhunters. The ADAPT bows deliver outstanding versatility and incorporate valuable feedback from our dedicated customer base.

Caleb Sorrells, Marketing Manager at Bear Archery emphasized the importance of customer input, stating, "At Bear Archery, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers. The new Mossy Oak Bottomlands options in the ADAPT lineup are a direct result of understanding the needs and desires of our hunting community. We wanted to ensure that the ADAPT bows offer the versatility and aesthetic appeal that our customers have been requesting."

The 2024 ADAPT lineup retains the exceptional features that have made it a favorite among bowhunters. With a strategic 32" axle-to-axle length and a 6.5" brace height, the ADAPT bows strike the perfect balance between maneuverability and stability in tight spaces. The single cam design features an 80% let-off and an optional limb stop for a rock-solid back wall. The ADAPT accommodates draw lengths ranging from 24" to 31", providing a comfortable and personalized shooting experience. To further enhance comfort and durability, the bows feature the all-new molded, soft-touch, low wrist grip known as the Bear Paw, paying homage to Bear Archery's renowned bow grip from the 1970s. Despite its focus on comfort, the ADAPT lineup doesn't compromise on speed, delivering impressive arrow speeds of up to 320 FPS IBO.

In addition to the existing color options, the 2024 ADAPT lineup introduces Mossy Oak Bottomlands as a new color offering, available in both the bow-only model and the Ready to Hunt (RTH) package. The bow-only model will feature a head-to-toe Mossy Oak Bottomlands finish, while the RTH models will showcase a stone color riser paired with Mossy Oak Bottomlands limbs. These new color options provide bowhunters with the flexibility to select a style that suits their individual preferences and blends seamlessly with their hunting environment.

Furthermore, Bear Archery is thrilled to introduce the ADAPT+ version, a premium offering within the ADAPT lineup. The ADAPT+ bows come with an upgraded cable slide and string set, as well as a premium accessories kit. Accessories featured include: Trophy Ridge Hotwire sight, V-Biscuit rest, Hitman stabilizer with QD mount, Five Spot quiver, peep sight, and d-loop. With the ADAPT+ package, hunters can experience the utmost convenience and enjoy a high-performance setup straight out of the box.

The 2024 ADAPT lineup will be available at authorized Bear Archery dealers starting in the summer of 2024. For more information on these innovative bows, please visit  

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