Compound Bow - Adult


SKU: AV35A110A7R

320 FPS
Draw Length
24" - 31"
Finish True Timber Strata
Draw Weight
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Introducing the ADAPT RTH. This single cam, 32" axle-to-axle, 6.5" brace height bow was a joint venture between Bear Archery and the The Hunting Public. The ADAPT RTH features an accommodating 80% let off and fits bowhunters with draw lengths from 24-31". This bow features a new Bear Paw insulated grip - Bear's most comfortable and ergonomic bow grip to date. With speeds up to 320 FPS, a rock solid back wall from the limb stop, and the smoothest draw cycle on the market, the ADAPT is perfect for chasing any size game. Aaron, Greg, Zack, Jake, Hayden, and Ted built their dream bow and included several features from some of their favorite Bear bows of the past. The ADAPT RTH comes Ready to Hunt with a complete suite of Trophy Ridge accessories which include the following: 5 Spot arrow quiver, Whisker Biscuit V arrow rest, 5” stabilizer, Fatal 4-pin sight, D-loop, and peep sight.

  • Designed by The Hunting Public

    The ADAPT was a joint project between Bear Archery and the entire Hunting Public crew
  • Industry's Smoothest Draw Cycle

    Features a single cam with a forgiving 80% let off
  • Perfect for any Hunting Style

    The 32" axle-to-axle, ergonomic soft-touch grip, and 6.5" brace height make the ADAPT a great option for spot and stalk, blind, or saddle hunting.
  • Ready to Hunt or Bow Only

    The ADAPT comes either Ready to Hunt or as a bow only option. The RTH version includes a sight, rest, stabilizer, and quiver from Trophy Ridge.
  • Bear Paw® Comfort Grip

    All-new for the ADAPT bow, the Bear Paw grip offers hunters an ergonomic and comfortable shooting grip


brace height
draw length
24" - 31"
draw weight
45-60 OR 55-70
let off


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