String Technology

D97 & X99 Bowstring

Extremely durable string with low creep and fast string performance

String technology

Halo & BCY 2X Serving

Made from tightly braided HMPE for extreme durability. BCY 2X fits snugly into wheel tracks while covering areas on strings and cables needing extra protection from abrasion.

String Technology


SonicKnots are essential in eliminating string vibration and noise at the point of origin.


Contraband Bow Strings

Headhunter Bow Strings is the preferred manufacturer and producer of all OEM bow strings on Bear Archery mainline and Legend Series compound bows. By utilizing Headhunter bowstrings, you can rest easy knowing your replacement strings are the exact spec needed for your Bear Archery bow. Headhunter bowstrings keep your factory warranty valid and have been designed, tested, and approved by Bear engineers.

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