Evansville, IN (August 17, 2021) Cajun Bowfishing, a leader in designing, engineering, and producing performance driven bowfishing equipment hosted their 7th Annual Cajun8 Limited Bowfishing Tournament over the weekend in Southern Indiana. The monster, 100 team big-8 tournament sees teams from all around the United States come together for a highly competitive single night of Midwest bowfishing. The 2021 tournament marks the largest and most successful Cajun8 to date by number of teams as well as the winning team’s total haul weight.

The Cajun8 is a big-8 tournament where teams compete to have the highest gross weight between the largest eight fish caught during tournament fishing hours. In past years, Cajun Bowfishing has capped the number of teams at eighty. Due to growing interest and the tournament selling out early in the past, the brand made the decision to bump the number to an impressive one hundred teams.

“Our team has worked hard to develop the annual Cajun8 Limited into one of the largest and premier bowfishing events in the United States.” said Alec Wyman, Marketing Manager for Cajun Bowfishing. “It’s been exciting to see the continued growth and success of the tournament with new teams making the journey to compete each year.”

Cajun Bowfishing pays out cash prizes to the top eight teams in the tournament. First place earns an inspiring $10,000 with the potential to earn another $6,000 in bonuses for having the heaviest fish in the tournament and for shooting Cajun Bowfishing equipment. In addition to the cash prizes for the top eight finishers, Cajun8 teams had the opportunity to win more than $15,000 in product giveaways from partners like YETI, Bass Pro Shops, LaCrosse, ScentLok, Browning, Escalade Sports, Leupold, Bear Archery, Trophy Ridge, and more. The Cajun8 tournament continues to draw and appeal to bowfishing teams across the country for its organized and engaged layout year after year. This year’s winning team was The Outsiders from Tennessee with a shocking total weight of 391.6 lbs between eight fish. The team took home an additional $3,250 for shooting the heaviest fish of the night at 68.2 lbs with Cajun equipment.

Cajun Bowfishing offers a complete line of bowfishing bows and accessories. Bows like the Sucker Punch, Sucker Punch Jr., and Shore Runner have quickly become a popular choice for fishermen everywhere due to their value packed designs and class leading durability. For additional information on the 2021 Cajun8 Limited Bowfishing Tournament and the complete line of Cajun’s 2021 equipment can be found on the Cajun Bowfishing website. To find this information and other insights on the company today, please visit cajunbowfishing.com.



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