Join the team at Mike's Archery as they do a comprehensive review of the all-new Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch Pro Bowfishing Bow. In this particular review, Bryan is showing the highly anticipated GLOW BOW Bowfishing Package, highlighting its unique features and capabilities

With dimensions of AXLE-TO-AXLE 31", BRACE HEIGHT 6.375", DRAW LENGTH 17-29.5", LET OFF 65%, and a BOW WEIGHT of 3 LBS, the Sucker Punch Pro promises unparalleled performance and versatility.

Experience the all-new Sucker Punch Pro Bowfishing Bow from Cajun Bowfishing. This newly designed bow offers more performance and a bigger PUNCH than any Cajun bow before. The Sucker Punch Pro is offered in Cajun Red, Patriot, or an industry first GLOW finish that will be the talk on the water wherever you go. Meet the new Cajun Sucker Punch Pro, designed and engineered for ultimate performance in confined bowfishing spaces. This compact 31” axle-to-axle bow is extremely lightweight and easy-to-maneuver in tight places, providing you with a more enjoyable bowfishing experience. Built on a completely new platform, the Sucker Punch Pro features a new riser and limb design, along with being more compact and lighter than the original Sucker Punch. The deep cam grooves are designed to prevent string derailment, providing you with the utmost confidence in your bowfishing equipment. Perfectly balanced and packing a mean punch, the Sucker Punch Pro has ultimate adjustability with interchangeable draw modules; a constant draw and 17 to 29.5” draw length specific module with 65% let off. With 20-50-pound draw weight range, it provides easy shooting, allowing you to enjoy an all-day or night trip on the water.

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