More than 60 years ago, Fred Bear introduced the original 1959 Kodiak. The recurve bow was crafted from the finest wood and materials. The '59 Kodiak offered immense performance yet remained light-weight and very nimble. After its launch, the Kodiak quickly became Fred Bear's personal recurve bow of choice on every adventure.

Fast forward to 2022 and the Kodiak remains the industry's gold standard for traditional bows. The craftsmanship and performance of the Kodiak remains first class with the new model year. For 2022, the Kodiak saw a refresh and now sports a shedua riser with inlaid purple heart and iconic Grayling green glass limbs.

The Kodiak is 60" in length making it the perfect recurve bow for any hunting scenario or back yard league. The timeless design and craftsmanship will forever make the Kodiak one of the most desirable recurves in the industry.

Join Florida native, Todd Reeves, in the video below for a comprehensive review of the all-new Fred Bear Kodiak recurve. In the video, Todd covers everything from the specs to the speed with everyday hunting arrows.

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