For the beginner, hunting from a blind will produce best results. The blind should be twenty to twenty five yards from a good runway of trail. It is a good idea to have two blinds, one on either side of the trail. You can then use the one that is downwind from where you expect the deer to come.

In an intersection of two trails can be found, your chances are doubled. Blinds should be large enough for free movement with space enough to swing your bow in any direction. Some sort of a seat is required and you will be more comfortable if there is a tree to lean against.

Blinds should not be more than head height, so you can see through the scant top cover. Shots are made by rising slowly when the animal is not looking and shooting over the top. Do not make a high blind with holes to shoot through.

You bow, with and arrow nocked, should be supported horizontally on forked sticks. It can then be picked up quietly in a ready position.

This is explained more on the Fred Bear DVD set.