The Synchronized EKO cam has a draw stop and rotating module for draw length adjustment. All draw length adjustments can be made without the use of a bow press. Draw length changes are made by simply moving the draw stop to the desired position, then rotating the modules accordingly. See draw length settings below.

To change draw length, draw stops must be adjusted before the module. Remove the draw stop on both the top and bottom cam and remount it in the corresponding stop locations to the draw length and letoff percentage you selected. Not only is stop location crucial, but ‘+/-’ orientation is important to determine letoff percentage.

Next, remove the socket head cap screws from the top and bottom modules, rotate the modules to the desired positions (line up the indicator mark on the cam with the correct draw length indicator mark on the module), making sure to align the top and bottom to the same setting, and reapply the screws. Such module draw length adjustments will not affect peak draw weight or timing. Modules are right and left hand specific and top and bottom specific.

In order for the Synchronized EKO cam system to operate at maximum efficiency the timing needs to be set correctly. This means that the top and bottom cams roll over and hit their respective draw stops at the same time. The cam timing is set during assembly at the factory, but once the bow is broken in, or if you change strings/ cables it is possible that the cam timing will need to be checked.

If the cam system is out of time and the top stop hits before the bottom stop, add twists into the up cable until both stops hit at the same time.

If the cam system is out of time, and the bottom stop hits before the top stop, add twists to the down cable until both stops hit at the same time. The same affect could be achieved by taking twists out of the opposite cable in each scenario. The high quality string materials used on your Bear Bow will exhibit very little stretch and should maintain proper timing for extended periods under normal use.

Bear Archery recommends checking the timing and tune of your bow after the first 250 shots. During this initial break in period, your strings are capable of minor stretching which may affect your tune.


Bear EKO Cam Letoff Chart