Now that you've unpackaged your Cajun Sucker Punch and set the proper draw module for your shooting preference, it's time to install and setup your Brush Fire arrow rest. In this third episode of the Firehouse Bowfishing series, the team talks through the most efficient and accurate way to mount and ensure the Brush Fire rest is ready for some time on the water.

The Brush Fire is the all-new Cajun Bowfishing arrow rest with a Teflon impregnated insert on bottom for durability and replaceable bristles for full containment. The Brush Fire features an aluminum body, windage adjustments, and laser-engraved reference marks. The reversible mount design can be used with left- and right-hand bows. At Cajun Bowfishing, we are constantly bringing new technology to the table while keeping product affordable. Our equipment is ruggedly field-tested to meet the highest standards. Start Stik'n!

Enjoy Part III: Setting up your Shooting Rest

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