Time to Start Stik'n! In part five of this six part series to setup your Cajun Sucker Punch, Derek of Firehouse Bowfishing runs through just one of many ways to properly setup and build your bowfishing arrows. Having quality and durable arrows when chasing fish on the water is a crucial part of getting fish into the boat or onto shore when the time comes.

Cajun offers a wide variety of fiberglass and carbon fiber arrow shafts as well as several models of bowfishing barbs for various fishing styles. Explore the full lineup of arrows and barbs for fishing here: https://www.beararchery.com/collections/arrow-points-and-shafts

Now, back to the tutorial. Enjoy episode 5!

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Done with your bowfishing arrow? Time for the final part, Episode 6: Tuning the Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch Pro Bow