At Bear Archery, we have always pushed the limits in creating the most technically advanced archery hunting gear available. Our passion for hunting runs deep and stems from the archery godfather himself, Fred Bear. Another one of Fred’s missions in life was to make archery accessible to everyone. At Bear, we continue to offer entry-level bows not only for beginners but also for large institutions and camps to expose people from all walks of life to archery.

The first offering that fits into this category is the Bullseye X. With its classic recurve design, it's easy to store as it is a takedown design that disassembles into three pieces. The wooden riser provides participants in your club, school, or camp with the feeling of tradition and the classic archery experience. This bow is recommended for ages 12 and up and comes in three different sizes. Perfect for learning the craft, it features a stick-on rest which allows for the use of arrows with vanes or feathers, providing the versatility needed for extended use.

Next, we move into our full composite offerings. These bows are ultra-durable, and we have options to fit everyone. They are also ambidextrous, ensuring no one will be left out of the fun. 

First is the Wizard, recommended for ages 8-10 years old. It has a draw weight of up to 18 pounds and accommodates a draw length of up to 24”. This bow is perfect for any class or club aiming to introduce youngsters to the sport.

Moving to the next step up in size is our Crusader. This bow is recommended for ages 10+ and accommodates up to a 28” draw with a draw weight of up to 20 pounds. It's the perfect bow for anyone at or under 5’10” tall to comfortably shoot and familiarize themselves with archery and shooting form. Its compact size makes it very easy to handle and manageable for smaller stature shooters.

Next, let's take a look at the Titan. Recommended for ages 12+, it also accommodates up to a 28” draw but features a draw weight of up to 29 pounds. With an overall length of 60”, this bow matches the standard length for full-size traditional bows on the market, making it a great segue into the next level of archery if your club is focused on developing newcomers to the sport.

Lastly, we have the Firebird. Also recommended for ages 12+ and accommodating up to a 28” draw length, this bow features a draw weight of up to 36 pounds. Like the Titan, it measures as an AMO 60” bow, serving as a great final step for those looking to get into traditional archery or develop instinctive shooting skills affordably.

At Bear, we are passionate about curating the continuation of our sport. We pledge to always have gear to accommodate newcomers and our youth so they can enjoy this great sport we love.