For 2024, we have taken our traditional line to new heights with a range of exciting additions, including accessories and traditional bows that cater to archers of all levels. Let's take a look at what's new! 

1. Longbow Takedown Limbs

The Longbow Takedown Limbs are a testament to Bear Archery's dedication to seamlessly blending tradition with modern convenience. Crafted to complement the Fred Bear Takedown latch system, these limbs feature a blend of durable materials, including phenolic limb butts, a sturdy maple core, and a sleek layer of black glass. The result is an exceptional longbow performance with a smooth draw, all while maintaining the convenience of a tool-less takedown system. Whether you opt for the A-Riser or B-Riser LB limbs, you're guaranteed a seamless fit and an extraordinary archery experience.

2. The Little Bear

Bear Archery proudly introduces the "Little Bear," a remarkable bow that embodies the true spirit of American craftsmanship. Made in the USA, this bow features clear maple risers exuding elegance and sturdiness. With optional brown or green glass limbs, the Little Bear offers both aesthetic appeal and outstanding performance, catering to varying peak weights of 20 or 25 pounds. Its lightweight design and durable features, including a leather strike plate and Bear hair shelf rest, make it a perfect choice for beginners, emphasizing quality and adaptability.

3. Au Sable Longbow

Named after Michigan's famous Au Sable River, the Au Sable longbow has been a favorite among longbow enthusiasts. Its reflex/deflex design, larger sight window, full-radiused grip, and cut-on center arrow shelf make it a standout choice. 

4. Montana Longbow Clear Glass

The Bear Montana has quickly become one of the best-selling and most sought-after longbows in the industry. Now, alongside its White maple limbs backed and faced with strong black or grey fiberglass, we're excited to introduce a new option the black phenolic riser, featuring flame bamboo clear glass backing and facing. This addition enhances the bow's appeal, blending classic design with modern flair for archers seeking both performance and style.

5. Color Additions to Mag RiserFred Eichler Signature Take Down Riser, and Fred Bear Take Down Riser

Bear Archery is all about embracing innovation, and we've made these two risers designs even more exciting for 2024 by adding new colors. The Mag Riser combines modern technology with Mr. Bear's classic Take-Down approach, using a cast aluminum riser for extreme accuracy and easy transportation. Now, you can get it in the color Stone.

For the Fred Eichler Signature Take Down Riser, a collaboration with the renowned bowhunter Fred Eichler, it features a machined riser and Bear's patented latch system, offering a bow designed for perfection and flexibility. Now, it's available in not one but two more colors: Stone and Mossy Oak Bottomland.

But that's not allwe also added two captivating new finishes for the Fred Bear Take Down Riser, blending tradition with modern flair. Choose from bubinga wood paired with vibrant green glass and a phenolic stripe or opt for the combination of bubinga wood with a phenolic front and sleek green glass. 

6. Leather Kodiak Quick Disconnect Quiver

Designed to fit all recurve and longbows, the Leather Kodiak Quick Disconnect Quiver adds a touch of innovation to traditional archery. Its two-piece limb mount quiver, with extreme adjustability and a quick disconnect design, accommodates various bow widths, making it a versatile and practical choice for bowhunters.

7. Traditional Bow Sock

For those who cherish their bows, Bear Archery presents the Traditional Bow Sock—a purposeful sleeve designed to safeguard your bow with style. With a soft Sherpa interior and a durable plaid exterior, this sock ensures ultimate protection for your prized possession while adding a touch of elegance.

8. Three Blade Razorhead Broadheads

Expanding our broadhead lineup, alongside our single bevel and double bevel razorhead broadheads, we are proud to introduce the Three Bladed Razorhead with VWS (Variable Weight System). Featuring an innovative insert system that is designed to allow bowhunters the ability to customize the weight of their broadhead from 150gr, 175gr, 200gr, and 250gr. The Three Bladed Razorhead is constructed from high-grade stainless steel, engineered to provide optimum penetration through impact, leading to a bone splitting effect and enhanced tissue damage throughout the animal.

Find out more about Bear Archery's 2024 traditional lineup in Bear Archery's Hunting 101 Podcast Episode 169, where Dylan and Neil Byce III discuss in detail.