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3 Blade Razorhead


Color Black
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The Three Bladed Razorhead with VWS (Variable Weight System) features an innovative insert system that is designed to allow bowhunters the ability to customize the weight of their broadhead from 150gr, 175gr, 200gr, and 250gr. The Three Bladed Razorhead VWS is constructed from high-grade stainless steel, engineered to provide optimum penetration through impact, leading to a bone splitting effect and enhanced tissue damage throughout the animal. The broadheads by themselves weigh 150gr and can be used as a glue on point for wooden or swedged arrow shafts. In addition, the Razorhead will come with three different sets of inserts, along with three field points that match the weight of the broadhead. In conjunction with the 150gr heads or field points, you can add one of the three included inserts: magnesium insert will make a 175gr head, aluminum insert will make a 200gr head, and a stainless-steel insert will make a 250gr head. All inserts are designed to fit both aluminum and carbon arrow shafts.

  • Cutting Diameter

    Produces 1-1/8" cutting diameter
  • Broadhead Weight

    150 gr (when used as a glue on point for wooden arrow shafts) 175 gr with magnesium insert 200gr with aluminum insert 250gr with stainless steel insert
  • Kit Includes

    (3) Broadheads (3) Field Points (9) Inserts

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