As Bear Archery reflects on 90 years of dedicated service to archery enthusiasts, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued community for unwavering support. Since Fred Bear founded our company in 1933, our mission remains unchanged: to make archery accessible by crafting superior products at affordable prices. For 2024, we are delighted to present an array of groundbreaking products and technologies, affirming our commitment to elevating the archery experience for our customers.

Highlights of the 2024 product lineup include:

Innovative Compound Bows: The 2024 lineup features a range of cutting-edge compound bows, including the flagship bow, the "Persist," measuring 31” axle-to-axle. With a lightweight riser design and a wide stance limb system, this bow incorporates the Integrate Mounting System®, Picatinny sight mounts, and built-in sling and pull-up loop, ensuring a sleek and lightweight design. Additional additions to the Legend line include the "Whitetail Maxx" and the feature-upgraded "Alaskan XT," promising enhanced performance and value.

Traditional Bows: In our commitment to preserving traditional archery craftsmanship, we introduce exciting additions to our line of takedowns, recurves, and longbows. Notable among these is the "Little Bear" recurve, tailor-made for our young archery enthusiasts. Handcrafted with a maple riser and available in green or brown glass, this bow is designed for weights of 20 and 25 lbs. Additionally, we introduce the "Fred Bear Longbow TD limbs," offering versatility and customization options for our Bear Take Down risers. Finally, new colors have been added to our Mag Riser in “A” and “B” configurations as well as a new color and camo pattern for our popular Fred Eichler Signature Riser we launched in 2023. The AuSable is getting a facelift in 2024, featuring a beautiful shedua riser with a black stripe and finished off with flamed bamboo limbs with black and white tips and cap.

Revamped Bear X Crossbow Lineup: We are proud to present a revitalized Bear X lineup, embodying reliability, performance, and affordability including crossbows such as the "Constrictor Pro," "Constrictor LT," "Domain," "Trance," and "Catalyst." These crossbows are engineered to deliver superior performance at unbeatable prices, appealing to archers seeking narrow, lightweight, and dependable options.

"Our 2024 lineup reflects our dedication to providing exceptional archery products, carrying forward the legacy of Fred Bear's vision for the sport. We invite archery enthusiasts to explore the innovative features and advancements we've integrated into this year's offerings," said Jonathan Lene, General Manager at Bear Archery.