Evansville, IN (November 11, 2020)  Bear Archery has offered more than a few bows in the history of the company that have embedded themselves deep within the hearts of many in the archery industry. Today the team is proud to introduce two new renditions of the iconic Kuma 30 and the ever popular Divergent. The Kuma 30 Final Edition and Divergent Limited Edition will be part of a limited run of bows and will serve as an homage to the successful run of each model over the last few years.

The 2021 bow lineup from Bear Archery has already brought forward a couple contemporary takes on legacy bows with the addition of the Mag Riser and all-new Whitetail Legend. But Bear refused to take their foot off the gas and is bringing two more into the mix. The Kuma 30 Final Edition is being offered with an iron riser and Veil alpine camo limbs for the first time. The Divergent Limited-Edition is following suit with a slight twist. The compact 28” axle to axle bow sports a shadow black riser and iconic Fred Bear Camo limbs.

These sleek looking lethal bows have developed a strong following in their time as part of the Bear lineup. The two models serve as a final chance for fans of the Kuma and Divergent lines to own a special send-off to both names. The bows will come as Ready-to-Hunt bundles which include everything needed to get out shooting in as little of time as possible. The Kuma 30 Final Edition includes a Trophy Ridge React H4 sight, Static stabilizer, 5-spot quiver, whisker biscuit, wrist sling, and D-loop. The Divergent Limited Edition includes a Trophy Ridge Volt 5-pin sight, Blitz stabilizer, 5-spot quiver, whisker biscuit, wrist sling, and D-loop. Both models come with the popular Fletcher Archery .44 caliper release and are only available through the Bear Archery website.

“The Kuma and Divergent names have been two of our hottest selling bows in the last few years.” said company General Manager, Jon Lene. “This limited run of the two bows are what we felt our customers deserved before the two names disappear from our existing product line for good. This is a rare opportunity for Bear followers to get one of the last Kuma 30 or Divergent bows available with the bonus of unique RTH accessories and arguably the best-looking camo options we’ve offered on both bows.”

The Kuma 30 Final Edition and Divergent Limited Edition are available for purchase on Bear’s website. The Kuma 30 retails for $999 and the Divergent comes in at $799. The limited run of bows will be available until all bows have sold and been delivered. For additional information on both bows, visit beararchery.com.

About Bear Archery® Founded by the iconic father of modern archery, Fred Bear, in 1933 with the intention of bringing archery to the masses, Bear Archery® continues to produce legendary bows with the same focus on reliability and technology while maintaining its rich heritage of innovative leadership, quality products, and family values. Bear Archery is a division of Escalade Sports. For information on Bear Archery, its products, brands, instruction manuals, retailers, warranty, replacement parts, or customer service, please call 1-800-694-9494 or visit www.beararchery.com.

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