Sight - Non React


SKU: AS430

Color Black


Introducing the Trophy Ridge SWFT- a refined sight for the discerning marksman. This double pin sight merges classic craftsmanship with modern innovation, delivering unmatched precision. With tool-less micro click adjustments, adaptable click light, and impressive 20 to 100 yard accuracy, it excels in every aspect. Crafted from magnesium and aluminum, it embodies strength and agility. Elevate your shooting experience with the Trophy Ridge SWFT - where elegance meets functionality for unforgettable hunts.

  • Refined Precision

    Experience refined precision with the Trophy Ridge SWFT Single Pin Sight
  • Tool-Less Micro Adjustments

    Effortlessly fine-tune your shots with tool-less micro click adjustments
  • Adaptable Click Light

    Adapt to various lighting conditions using the adaptable click light feature
  • Magnesium and Aluminum Construction

    Built with a sturdy combination of magnesium and aluminum materials
  • Unmatched Accuracy

    Enjoy unmatched accuracy, ranging from 20 to 100 yards, for exceptional shooting performance.

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