Arrow Rest - Whisker Biscuit

Sure Shot Pro



The name says it all, the Sure Shot Pro offers ultimate precision and accuracy with every shot. The Whisker Biscuit is the world's most trusted and widely used arrow rest.

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The world's most-popular arrow rest is the original Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit®. This time-tested, dependable product is engineered with supreme quality for a lifetime of use. The Whisker Biscuit has been trusted for its reliability by bowhunters for nearly two decades.

  • Reliably Accurate

    Accurate and consistent rest with advanced tool-less micro windage and elevation adjustments
  • Easy to Adjust

    Increased accuracy with convenient laser-engraved reference marks
  • Durability

    Prevent binding over time from dust and dirt with nylon bushings
  • Rugged

    Increased strength with aluminum-encased biscuit
  • Quiet

    Silent arrow loading with custom rubber boots

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