Arrow Rest - Replacement Biscuit

Replacement Biscuit



The Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit is the world's most popular arrow rest. Enjoy years of shooting with a simple replacement biscuit to keep your Wisker Biscuit performing at its best.

Color Green
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The world's most popular arrow rest is the original Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit®. We want you to enjoy this key part of your hunting gear no matter what. So, we have created a replacement biscuit specifically for our famous Whisker Biscuit Rest. The Replacement Biscuit quickly and easily replaces your old one. This product only includes replacement biscuit, not the full Original Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest.

  • The Original

    The world's most-popular arrow rest is the original Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit
  • Custom Colors

    Easily replace your old biscuit with a new customized color biscuit
  • Any Skill Level

    The Whisker Biscuit is perfect for bow hunters of all skill-levels
  • Replacement Only

    This product includes only the replacement Biscuit, not the full rest

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