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React Pro 5 with Mathews BridgeLock


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Experience the upgraded Trophy Ridge React®️ Pro 5-Pin™️ sight, now featuring the advanced Bridgelock mounting option. Combining React®️ Technology with premium target sight features, this sight delivers consistent high-performance hunts. Choose between .010" and .019" pin sizes for right hand, and .019" for left hand configurations. With automatic pin elevation adjustments and durable construction, including the new Bridgelock mounting option, this sight ensures lightweight, reliable, and accurate performance. Elevate your hunting skills with the Trophy Ridge React®️ Pro 5-Pin™️ sight and enjoy a new level of precision and durability in the field.

  • Advanced Bridgelock Mounting Option

    Allows for quick and easy installation and removal
  • React®️ Technology for Consistent Performance

    Automatic pin elevation adjustments for accurate pin calibration
  • Durable Construction for Reliability

    Designed to withstand rugged hunting conditions

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