Hitman 2.0



The new nostolgic olive-green Hitman 2.0 offers the same great vibration reduction and stability for any bowhunting setup. At 8" in length, the Hitman 2.0 enhances accuracy and precision in every shot.

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Add a bit of nostalgic color to your bowhunting setup this fall with the carbon fiber Hitman 8" stabilizer in olive green. The Trophy Ridge Hitman Carbon Bow Stabilizer reduces noise and vibration while improving your bow's balance while holding at full draw. The Hitman features the quick connect system of the Trophy Ridge stabilizers with a target carbon design. The quick connect system also allows for fast removal of the stabilizer for convenient transport and storage. Pre-assembled with two removable 1 oz. weights, the Hitman includes a wrist strap, and mounting bar.

  • Vibration Reduction

    Carbon fiber and rubber construction reduces vibration in every shot
  • Quick disconnect system

    Fast removal of the stabilizer for convenient transport and storage
  • Carbon Target design

    Lightweight and highly durable carbon fiber design
  • Ready to Use

    Comes pre-assembled with two removable 1 oz. weights

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