Wrist Strap Release




The DrawPoint release from Trophy Ridge features a D-loop style hook and trigger release. The adjustable wrist strap ensures you have ultimate comfort in every shot.

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Embark on your hunt knowing Trophy Ridge has taken care of everything you need for that impeccable draw. With the all-new Trophy Ridge DrawPoint Release, you’ll feel like we customized this tool just for you. This index finger release is infinitely adjustable. With a 360-degree rotating shaft that locks in any position and stays out of the archer’s way, a rotating head to insure accuracy, trigger travel adjustment, and length adjustment to fit any archer’s length of pull – the DrawPoint is the most adjustable release we have ever created. Paired with a high-quality, smooth leather wrist strap and a hinge spring that resets immediately after release, the DrawPoint is a tool you can trust.

  • Full Rotation

    360-degree rotating shaft can be locked into any position along its 360-degree path
  • Adjustability

    Adjustable for any archer’s length of pull
  • There When You Need It

    360-degree rotating head insures accuracy
  • Custom Tuning

    Trigger travel adjustment
  • Consistent

    Hinge spring resets after the shot

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