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Failure is not an option. The F3CB crossbow broadhead’s bulletproof design features three .035” razor-sharp, durable blades constructed of stainless steel and a solid stainless-steel one-piece ferrule. The winged offset blade design produces a large 1-3/16” cutting diameter giving you an easy-to-follow blood trail. And your game with a laceration that won’t close. With its consistent field-point accuracy shot after shot and solid locking collar ensuring the blades are locked in place with the all steel ferrule, this crossbow broadhead was designed with crossbow hunters in mind.

  • Razor Sharp Construction

    Three 0.035” razor-sharp blades constructed of stainless steel for extreme strength and durability
  • Winged Blade Design

    Core Cutting Technology features a unique winged offset blade design creating a gaping 1-3/16” cutting diameter
  • Solid Construction

    Blades are held in place by a solid knurled and threaded rear locking collar for superior strength and virtually indestructible design
  • One Piece Design

    One piece all stainless-steel ferrule features a sleek, bone-crushing hybrid tip
  • Consistent Accuracy

    Specifically designed for crossbows resulting in superior performance and field-point accuracy

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