Bowfishing Point

4 Barb Stinger


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At Cajun, everything we make is built to make the most of it. When you're out, deep into what's right and natural, we're right there with you. Pick up your Cajun products, head for the water, and know you're about to have the best, most satisfying fun time of your life. The IV Barb Stinger Point completes this picturesque scene. The durable IV Barb Stinger Point features tougher barbs for soft flesh fish and quick fish removal.

  • Maximum Durability

    Tougher barbs
  • Start Stik'n

    For soft flesh fish
  • Save Time

    Quick fish removal
  • Extreme Durability

    Durable construction
  • Complete Kit

    Shaft with point includes nock, slide, stop

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