Desire XL Pistol Crossbow

SKU: AC90A0A360

175 FPS
Draw Weight
60 LBS
Color Black
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Compact, lightweight, and fun to shoot, the Bear X Desire XL is a self-cocking pistol crossbow. The stock can be adjusted up to 2.5” for comfort and increased stability. With a draw weight of 60 lbs. and a velocity of 175 FPS, the Desire XL makes the perfect shooting companion for backyard target practice.

  • Adjustable

    Adjustable stock up to 2.5” for increased stability
  • Compact

    Compact design pistol crossbow with arrow speeds up to 175 FPS
  • Easy to Use

    User-friendly self-cocking arm, forearm grip
  • Accessories

    Includes 3 premium bolts
  • Dependable Accuracy

    Engineered for top-of-the-line speed, extreme accuracy, and dependability

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