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Take Down String

SKU: ATD2060

Color Black And White
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A-riser with #1 limbs = 56” AMO A-riser with #3 limbs = 60” AMO B-riser with #1 limbs = 60” AMO B-riser with #3 limbs = 64” AMO First introduced by Mr. Bear in 1970, the Take Down bow was a modern and innovative design that revolutionized the traditional bow industry. Now 50 years later we’re honoring that legendary bow with the all-new 50th Anniversary Take Down bow. Available in two model colors in both A and B handles, this legendary bow features a heal horn style grip that has not been in production since 1969. This bow also features the 50th Anniversary logo stamped onto bow commemorating 50 years of the legendary Take Down bow.

  • Take Down Ready

    50th Anniversary Take Down string
  • Color Choice

    Choose from Black and White or Red and Buckskin
  • Premium Quality

    Dynaflight 97 Flemish Twist String

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