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Take Down Limbs Green Glass


Color Bubinga with Green Glass
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Years ahead of their time, Fred Bear's Take Down Limbs brought the industry a new technology and superior performance. Today, these Take Down Limbs are constructed of Bubinga with Green Glass and a phenolic stripe, and Bubinga with a phenolic front and Green Glass. These Take Down Limbs are available in three lengths: #1, #2, and #3 limbs. The #1 limbs will make a 56” bow on an A-Riser and a 60” bow with a B-Riser. The #2 limbs will make a 58” bow on an A-Riser and a 62” bow with a B-Riser. And the #3 limbs will make a 60” bow on an A-Riser and a 64” bow with a B-Riser.

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