I’m an avid archery hunter who to likes to push his skills to the limit to prepare in preparation for hunting season. Frequent long-range practice makes short-distance shots from a treestand much easier. Practicing at long distances helps me build confidence for close shots when it counts.  When shooting long distances, I utilize an adjustable single-pin sight that allows me to dial into the exact yardage before releasing an arrow.

In the past, I’ve used multi-pin sights that were equipped with as many as seven pins in the sight housing but that can be confusing at full-draw, especially in low-light situations. For me, and many archers, a multi-pin sight can be distracting and costly when it matters most.

Single pin sights are great for someone that gets distracted by multi-pin sights. This will allow you to focus on one pin and one pin only, regardless of the distance. A simple turn of the dial and you could shoot from 20 yards to 100+ yards the Trophy Ridge React One Pro (depending on your set-up) If you’re a heavy arrow shooter that follows in the Ranch Fairy’s line of thinking, then long distances may not be an option for you. However, the downside of only having one pin means that you have to adjust it on the fly. Adjusting my pin in the heat of the moment isn’t my ideal scenario.

Choosing a new bow sight can be a daunting task these days.  There are a ton of great options on the market and most will get the job done, but some offer higher quality features than others.  For instance, the Trophy Ridge React One Pro features React Technology and it makes sighting in your bow a breeze!   This is a huge advantage in my opinion.  No more matching sight tapes.  Simply adjust the pin gap to your arrow weight and you’re ready to go!

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