The most wonderful time of the year is upon us once again. Now is the time to begin thinking about what you want to give the special bowhunter(s) in your life. From new bow upgrades to last-minute stocking stuffers, our gift guide is your one-stop for the holidays! 

The special bowhunter(s) in your life have enough to worry about on a hunt, their gear shouldn’t be one of them. Trophy Ridge proudly offers the industry’s best performing and most diverse suite of archery accessories. From quivers to rests, stabilizers, sights and releases, our products are intelligently designed to be deadly accurate, lighter weight, and give hunters a distinct advantage in the field.

1. Digital React Bow Sight

It's the bow sight that everyone is talking about! Available in both single-pin and three-pin configurations, this sight utilizes Trophy Ridge's React Technology to ensure dead-on accuracy at any distance featuring a highly visible LED screen with a digital readout of targeted distances. This innovative design also features customizable screen colors, brightness, and the ability to save up to 5 profiles for personalized arrow setups. Plus, third axis leveling, providing enhanced accuracy even at severe angles and longer distances.

2. Propel Arrow Rest

The Propel limb-driven rest, is a cutting-edge addition for 2024. This revolutionary rest is available with standard or Integrate Mounting System options along with variants designed for right- and left-handed users. Installation is simple, requiring no bow press, and can be configured for either the upper or lower limb. 

3. VRSA Arrow Quiver

The VRSA Light arrow quiver has all the components and features that put it in a class of its own. Holding five arrows with customizable single or dual arrow grippers, it ensures a secure fit for various shaft sizes. Its innovative one-piece design allows mounting on either a sight bracket or the bow riser using the included adaptors, creating a sleek, low-profile setup close to the bow. With adjustable rod lengths and a cam locking lever for easy attachment and removal, this quiver offers customization and convenience. Additionally, it features a built-in rechargeable LED flashlight for navigating low-light conditions, truly setting it apart. 

4. Shockstop Stabilizer

Introducing the Shock Stop Stabilizer, a must-have for any archer! This 8” stabilizer, crafted with high-modulus carbon fiber and cutting-edge dampening tech, effectively banishes shock and vibration from your bow. By isolating and absorbing riser vibrations, it not only enhances shot accuracy but also provides a smoother shooting experience. The stabilizer comes with two removable 1oz weights (with the option for a third) and includes a wrist strap and mounting bar, offering customization for your shooting style and preferences.

5. Precise Pro Release

One of our top sellers is the Precise Pro T Release which delivers pro-level performance for serious archers. Its ergonomic 4-finger design unlocks greater drawing power while ensuring a smooth release through its innovative sear-style mechanism. With a 360-degree rotating caliper head, this release eliminates torque for pinpoint accuracy, allowing you to find your ideal draw. Fully adjustable thumb-trigger and sear tension offer absolute precision and consistent releases tailored to your preferences. Included with a convenient sling wrist strap, this T handle doesn't compromise on ease. For any bowhunter seeking a sear-style T handle release that combines power, precision, and adjustability, the Precise Pro T Release is the ultimate choice.

6. Wrath Arrows

Every bowhunter needs reliable arrows, and the Trophy Ridge Wrath arrows are a versatile set designed for various purposes like hunting, 3D, or target practice. These 30-inch arrows are made of sturdy carbon material, ensuring durability and consistent performance shot after shot. They come with six loose 1-inch inserts, and their precision-sorted straightness (straightness: +/- 0.006") guarantees reliable accuracy. Featuring 2-inch fletching with 2 yellow and 1 white low-profile vanes, these arrows boast an inner dimension of .246".