Save time and money with the all-new Ready to Hunt (RTH) Extra bowhunting accessory package from Trophy Ridge.

The RTH Extra package comes in two configurations depending on whether it is paired with an adult or youth bow. Adult bows will include a sight, rest, quiver, stabilizer, wrist sling, d-loop, peep sight, release, broadheads, arrows, inserts, and field points. The youth bundles will include everything in the adult package, except for the broadheads and a youth release will replace the adult release aid.

Currently the RTH Extra bundle is available on three Bear Archery bow models, the Legit, the Royale, and the Species. A complete breakout of the equipment in each package can be found below:

Trophy Ridge Joker 4-pin Sight:

Make every hunt successful with the Joker sight, which provides archers with all the reliable tools needed to get the job done. The Joker offers ultra-bright .019" medium horizontal fiber optic pins to easily narrow-in on your target, Multiple mounting holes for added adjustability and flexibility and a precision installed bubble level for properly aligned shots. The Joker Series offers both a 3-pin and 4-pin sight.

Trophy Ridge Blitz Stabilizer:

The Trophy Ridge Blitz Stabilizer offers vibration dampening and easy installation with a wrist sling and leather mount. This stabilizer includes a wrist sling and leather mount.

Trophy Ridge 5-spot Arrow Quiver:

Leave it on your bow or hang it in the tree. The 5-Spot quiver allows you to do either with extreme ease and smart design. The fully adjustable dual arrow grippers hold arrows quiet and secure, the quick detach mounting bracket allows for quick on/off and the hollow hood won't dull or deploy broadheads.

Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest:

The world's most-popular arrow rest is the original Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit®. This time-tested, dependable product is engineered with supreme quality for a lifetime of use. The Whisker Biscuit has been trusted for its reliability by bowhunters for nearly two decades.

Trophy Ridge ArchX Release Aid:

Draw back and release with confidence with the Trophy Ridge ArchX release. The interlocking jaw system and trigger travel adjustment of the ArchX release provides a crisp trigger and smooth release. The length of the adjustable nylon strap was designed to fit all hand sizes from youth to adult. Its premium leather buckle strap makes it the perfect choice for bowhunters and target shooters alike. Trophy Ridge Archery, time tested and field-proven since 1960.

Trophy Ridge 29" Wrath Arrows:

The Trophy Ridge Wrath arrows are cut to length and include six loose 1” inserts and are constructed of a durable carbon material ideal for hunting, 3D or target practice. Trophy Ridge Wrath arrows are precision sorted for straightness to ensure shot after shot consistency (straightness: +/- 0.006"). Inner dimension measures .246”.

Rocket Siphon Mechanical Broadheads:

Warning: Expect severe hemorrhaging and short blood trails when using the Siphon. This insanely sharp mechanical broadhead produces a large 1-¾ cutting diameter starting with the bone-crushing stainless steel tip and ending with three razor-sharp 0.035” stainless steel blades. The internal blade locking mechanism provides reliable blade retention and prevents the blades from prematurely deploying. Expect field point accuracy and reliability with every shot from the Siphon broadhead.