Evansville, IN (January 6, 2022) — Trophy Ridge, a recognized leader and prominent accessory brand in the archery industry announced its most advanced line of digital single and multi-pin bow sights. The 2022 Digital React® single and three-pin sights utilize Trophy Ridge’s patented React® Technology, the most popular and efficient sight technology on the market.

React® Technology was originally developed in 2013 and quickly became the most widely used and preferred sight technology by bowhunters around the world. React Tech is utilized amongst both single and multi-pin sights in the Trophy Ridge lineup. The patented technology automatically calculates the precise spacing between pins at various distances. In turn, React sights save time and the headache of sighting in at multiple distances. In as few as five minutes, React sights can be accurately sighted in from 20 to 100+ yards.

For 2022, the team at Trophy Ridge is taking a giant leap forward and has introduced a line of Digital React sights powered by Trophy Tech®. Trophy Tech is the muscle behind Trophy Ridge’s technology and the brand’s aggressive plans for additional digital development across their accessory portfolio. The new Digital React single-pin and Digital React Trio feature an LED screen that produces a digital read-out of targeted distances. Digital React allows archers to sight in their bow through one of two methods, a SPEED method, which requires only one arrow to be fired through a chronograph to accurately set the sight, or the conventional REACT method, to which most archers who’ve experienced the technology on other Trophy Ridge sights will be most familiar. The SPEED method on the new Digital React requires an accurate arrow speed then uses that speed in conjunction with React mathematics to set the distances between pin indicators. Once sighted in, Bowhunters and 3D archers alike can set their pins at any distance down to half-yard or meter increments via an easily controllable wheel on the side of the sight housing.

“Trophy Ridge is widely recognized as the brand behind React Technology and Tools Bowhunters Trust. The inception of the Digital React project was a no-brainer for our team. As technology becomes more accessible and coveted in daily lives, we saw the opportunity to enhance our sights and in turn take archers confidence in the field to new heights.” Said Trophy Ridge Product Manager, James Mogle. “The new Digital React line of sights allow bowhunters to dial their pin to a predetermined distance and remove all doubt on where to hold that pin on the target. It’s as simple as setting the distance, covering the targeted area with the highly-visible fiber optic pin, and letting the arrow fly.”

Both the single and multi-pin Digital React sights are available in right and left-handed configurations. The single-pin is offered in a .010 or a .019 pin size, while the Digital React Trio is unique in the sense it features two horizontal fixed .019 pins and a vertical React .010 pin. The Digital React Trio and single pin also feature a full suite of features like customizable screen colors, brightness, distance increments, and up to 5 profiles that can be saved for unique arrow setups.

Trophy Ridge has taken all aspects of the hunt into considerations with the development of this new technology. Regardless of whether a 3D-target archer, Midwest whitetail hunter, or Western big game chaser, the sight is guaranteed to make the archer more confident, more accurate, and more efficient in the field than any other sight on the market. The team at Trophy Ridge even went as far as to leave a dedicated space for traditional sight tapes, which come included with the purchase of a Digital React, in the instance that you forget to charge the device. The sights run for up to 48-hours on a single charge and have been engineered to conquer even the harshest field conditions.

All Digital React sights come with a detailed instruction manual, quick-start guide, optional backup sight tapes, a 6-foot USB charging cord and plug, and a Trophy Ridge limited lifetime warranty. The Digital React One Pin starts at $359.99 while the Trio model costs slightly more at $379.99. To learn more about the all-new Digital React visit your local Trophy Ridge authorized dealer or shop online at TrophyRidge.com. For more information on Digital React or the complete 2022 lineup of Trophy Ridge bowhunting sights, rests, quivers, stabilizers, and releases subscribe to the Trophy Ridge YouTube channel and newsletter.



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