Here at Trophy Ridge, we have pushed the boundaries with our latest offerings for 2024. From bow sights to arrow rests and stabilizers, our new additions are tailored to elevate your hunting experience. 

1. Attack and Attack Pro Bow Sights

 The Attack series is renowned for its durability and reliability. Crafted from 100% machined aluminum, these bow sights can handle any challenge that comes their way. The high-performance .019 fiber optic pin in both sights ensures precise aiming, with the flexibility to position it vertically or horizontally. The Tool Less Micro Adjust Windage and elevation system in the Attack Pro enhances the tuning process. Both sights incorporate Delrin®️ bushings for smooth and quiet movement and adjustable brightness, adapting seamlessly to varying lighting conditions.

2. SWFT, SWFT Duo, and SWFT Trio Bow Sights

Continuing our commitment to innovation, we proudly present the SWFT 1 pin, SWFT Duo, and SWFT Trio models. These drive-style sights offer toolless micro-adjustments, click lights, and a full set of sight tapes, ensuring precise accuracy from 20 to 100+ yards.

3. React Pro 5-Pin with IMS and Mathews Bridgelock Bow Sights

The Trophy Ridge React Pro 5-Pin now features the advanced Bridgelock mounting option and an integrated mounting option. Combining React®️ Technology with premium target sight features, this sight delivers consistent high-performance hunts. Choose between .010" and .019" pin sizes for right hand, and .019" for left hand configurations. With automatic pin elevation adjustments and durable construction, this sight ensures lightweight, reliable, and accurate performance. 

3. Gem Bow Sight

The Gem 3-Pin Sight is a versatile and user-friendly choice for both left and right-handed shooters. Its reverse sight design and removable level cater to different hand orientations, offering flexibility and convenience. Equipped with .019 fiber optic pins, the Gem ensures precise aiming in various lighting conditions. The yellow hood accent further enhances shot acquisition speed, allowing for quicker and more accurate shots. 

3. Ridgeline Bow Sight

The Ridgeline 5-Pin gives an incredible balance of price and features that translate into big time success in the field. 

4. Propel and Propel IMS Arrow Rests

The Propel limb-driven rest, a cutting-edge addition for 2024. This revolutionary rest is available with standard or Integrate Mounting System options. It features a detachable full containment arm, limb attachment bracket, and variants designed for right- and left-handed users.

5. Snubnose Stabilizer

Designed for maximum performance and accuracy, the Snubnose stabilizer is a lightweight yet ultra-durable carbon bow stabilizer. It offers a balanced feel and effectively eliminates vibration, enhancing your shooting experience. Utilizing state-of-the-art carbon fiber construction, this stabilizer is up to 50% lighter than traditional stabilizers.

Trophy Ridge's new additions for 2024 truly represent a leap forward in archery gear.  To learn more about each product in depth listen to Bear Archery's Hunting 101 Podcast Episode 168 Dylan is joined by Caleb Sorrells (Marketing Director) and Andrew Hughes (Engineer) to discuss the entire new lineup from for 2024.