BearX Impact Crossbow

This fine next-generation design offers the type of compact power dedicated deer-seeking crossbow hunters crave. The new-for-2021 Impact ($1,099.99) offers an incredibly narrow hunter-friendly frame at just 8 1/8 inches wide when cocked, and 12 1/16-inch uncocked. Even better, it fires arrows at a speedy 415 feet per second with a draw weight of 180 pounds. The all-new detachable silent cocking crank can be used to de-cock the crossbow, and features an anti-reverse mechanism to stop the crank when the handle is let go. In addition to the detachable cocking crank, this ready-to-hunt crossbow package includes 3 Bear X TrueX arrows, illuminated scope, 4-arrow quiver, sling, and rail lube/string wax. The BearX Impact Crossbow is available in TrueTimber Strata and Veil Stoke camo.