Archery can be intimidating for those that are looking to pick up a bow for the first time. You have some many factors right from the start; what's my draw length? What's my draw weight? What kind of bow do I get? What's the difference between a compound and a traditional bow? The questions can be endless.

For those that have a mentor in their life that brings experience in archery to the table, the feeling of being overwhelmed can be much less. That's why it's important for those of us that do hunt or shoot a bow to step up and offer our insights, opinions, and knowledge from our personal experiences to those that are interested in participating in this amazing sport.

Join Kristy Titus and her husband, Yogi, as they talk about his journey into the world of archery. Yogi was raised in Europe where archery is illegal in many countries. Now in the States, Yogi has become quite the bowhunter and is offering up his own advice to those that may be in a similar situation.

Gear Used in this Video: Bear Archery Redemption EKO, Bear Archery Divergent EKO, Trophy Ridge React Pro, Trophy Ridge Hotwire, Trophy Ridge Drawpoint