Many potential bow buyers enter your store looking for a great value, and for $449.99 the highly adjustable Bear Archery Legit RTH package is a smart choice.

The archery and hunting industry has unintentionally created many invalid barriers to bowhunting entry. Gear is one of the most prevalent. The market brims with “solutions.” There’s this for that, and that for this. Someone looking from the outside in could easily misconceive that it will cost $2,000 (minimum) to buy everything from scratch and get started.

Nonsense. Bowhunting ambassadors like those from the hit YouTube channel, The Hunting Public, are proving that you need only a modest bow setup and a hunting license to go bowhunting. And not only do they hunt with minimal gear, but they do it very successfully.

Assure new customers looking to try bowhunting that it can be stripped down to merely buying an accessorized entry-level bow, like the Bear Archery Legit RTH I’m about to review, and a hunting license. After that, all they need to do is find a place to hunt — public lands abound in most states — and then go hunting. It’s that simple. Barriers to entry are baloney.

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