Evansville, IN (January 22, 2020)  Bear Archery is incredibly proud to announce being awarded the Gold Standard for traditional bows in Bowhunting World’s 2021 Reader’s Choice Awards. Bear Archery was founded in 1933 by Fred Bear with the goal of making archery accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender, experience, or social status. Fast forward into the 1950’s, Bear quickly became an icon within the industry through the production of accessible, affordable, and best performing recurve and long bows. As the company grew and introduced new models, the timeless designs of Bear Archery bows became a staple within the archery industry.

More than 85 years later, Bear Archery continues to hold Fred Bear’s founding principles true across all of their brands. The industry leader in traditional bows offers more than 10 models in the lineup today; many of which feature the same designs that Fred Bear himself created. From the infamous Grizzly to the revolutionary Take Down, Bear continues to offer bows for every type of archer. Every traditional bow in the Bear lineup continues to be hand-crafted in the company’s Gainesville, FL production facility. The craftsmanship, attention to detail, and traditional methods of production are what make each bow unique and special to each customer.

“To this day, Fred Bear is often recognized as one of the founding and most influential people of modern-day archery. Our team is unbelievably proud to carry on his legacy while offering the industry many of the same traditional bows he designed decades ago.” said Jon Lene, Bear Archery’s General Manager. “The Bear team takes pride in every bow that is built and will continue to advocate, educate, and inspire anyone interested in traditional archery.”

In September of 2020, Bear Archery unveiled their 2021 traditional lineup which consisted of several notable improvements and the return of a classic to the lineup. The popular Grizzly, Super Grizzly, Cheyenne, Super Kodiak, and Au Sable now feature mesmerizing shedua wood which has never been offered before. In addition to new woods being used, Bear announced they are bringing back the notorious Mag Riser Take Down for the first time since the 1970’s.

Additional information on Bear’s 2021 lineup can be found on the Bear Archery website. For more information on Bear Archery and the company today, please visit beararchery.com.