Evansville, IN (October 5, 2021) Bear Archery, a leader in innovation and producer of some of the industry’s most popular archery equipment is proud to introduce another strong performing and technology loaded lineup of bows and accessories for 2022. The eighty-nine-year-old archery company announced the addition of more than 10 new bow models across their compound, traditional, and crossbow lines. The all-new lineup of bows brings new technology, greater value, and a broader offering to Bear’s already robust product suite.

For 2022, Bear is introducing a new from the ground up flagship compound, the REFINE EKO. This 33” axle-to-axle bow is the most quiet and dead-in-hand bow in its class. With arrow speeds up to 342 FPS IBO and a mass weight of only 4.4lbs, the REFINE EKO offers both performance and comfort. The bow features a revised Vibration Reduction System (VRS) from what the industry saw on the REDEMPTION EKO last year. The VRS is guaranteed to eliminate more effectively heard and felt vibration in every shot. The bow also receives a new ergonomic GRIZgrip™, designed to more comfortably fit shooters hands, as well as new KILLERWAVE™ in-limb dampeners. The REFINE sports EKO cams which have quickly become one of the most preferred systems available on bows today.

Also new for 2022 is the RESURGENCE RTH. This bow features Bear’s first ever 80% let off hybrid cam system. The new DHC cam system found on the Resurgence not only offers an incredible 80% let off, but also brings one of the most efficient draw cycles to the brand’s line. The RESURGENCE RTH is a 32” axle-to-axle, 6.25” brace height, Ready to Hunt package at a never-before offered price point in the Bear line. The DHC cams offer blistering performance up to 335 FPS IBO and includes a draw stop for archers that prefer a rock-solid backwall. The RESURGENCE RTH sports the new GRIZgrip™ and KILLERWAVE™ limb dampeners making it silent and comfortable on the range or in the field.

The 2022 lineup of Bear Archery compound bows sees several other additions including the Alaskan, Whitetail Legend Pro, Escalate, Species EV, and Resurgence LD. Each bow was strategically designed to offer the best experience regardless of price point.

“Bear Archery has been raising the bar in performance and technology for nearly 90 years. The 2022 lineup is a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to our dealers, consumers, and partners.” Said Jon Lene, Bear Archery’s General Manager. “This year we are launching more than 10 new bows. Each model was tactically designed from the ground up by our incredible team to give the industry what they want. Regardless of experience, budget, or personal preference, the 2022 Bear line has an answer for everyone.”

In addition to seven new compound bows, Bear is making several changes and new introductions to their 2022 traditional line of bows. For the first time since the 1960’s, the legendary Kodiak Hunter returns to the line. Featuring a shedua riser with a black inlaid stripe and arctic grey glass limbs, the 60” AMO bow was an instant success more than 50 years ago due to its longer length, blistering performance, and smooth draw curve. The Kodiak Hunter joins the legendary Bear Archery Kodiak recurve line with the 1959 Kodiak reproduction, Super Kodiak, and Kodiak Magnum.

The traditional line also sees the introduction of the long-awaited #2 Take Down limbs. Crafted out of layered hard rock maple core and black fiberglass, #2 Take Down limbs make a 58” AMO bow when paired with an A-Riser and 62” AMO bow when paired with a B-Riser.

The revolutionary Fred Bear Take Downs see an addition to the line with the Mag Riser B-handle. Last year Bear re-introduced the Mag Riser A-handle for the first time since the 1970’s. The now aluminum Take Down riser was a monumental success for its durability, signature grip, and balanced composition. The 2022 Mag Riser B-handle measures 19” in length and features the same design as the original model. As with all other Take Down models, the Mag Riser B-handle can be paired with #1, #2, or #3 limbs to create various bow lengths from 56” to 64” AMO.

Lastly, Bear, the #1 producer of youth and recreational bows took aim at the bowhunters of tomorrow with the addition of the 2022 Pathfinder. This lightweight, capable, introductory level compound was developed to perfectly accommodate young archers. The Pathfinder stretches from 14”-25” in draw length and can accommodate draw weights between 15lbs. and 29lbs. The youth bow comes ready to shoot with a single pin sight, two youth safetyglass arrows, a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit, Bear two arrow quiver, and a knock set.

After back-to-back record shattering years, Bear Archery shows no sign of easing up or losing momentum. The 2022 spread of new bows and accessories from the legendary company is clear evidence that the brand is hungry to keep the industry on its toes while continuing to inspire and educate bowhunters everywhere.

Additional information on Bear Archery and the complete line of Bear’s 2022 equipment can be found on the Bear Archery website. To find this information and other insights on the company today, please visit beararchery.com.

2022 Bear Archery REFINE EKO Compound NEW Hunting Bow2022 Bear Archery Alaskan Hybrid Cam Hunting Bow

2022 Bear Archery Whitetail Legend Pro EKO Compound Hunting Bow2022 Bear Archery Escalate EKO Compound Hunting Bow2022 Bear Archery Resurgence RTH Hybrid Cam Hunting Bow

2022 Bear Archery Species EV RTH Single Cam Hunting Bow

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