Every year on Fred Bear's birthday, hundreds of bowhunters and archers from around the country gather in Grayling, Michigan to celebrate the life of the man himself. This year, March 5, 2022 marked the 120th birthday of Papa Bear and the benchmark birthday brought a record number of people to town to honor his namesake.

Fred Bear Day is an event full of history and camaraderie. On the morning of March 5, everyone gathers at the sight of the old Bear Archery factory in downtown Grayling. Then 21 lucky archers are drawn to participate in a 21-arrow salute for Mr. Bear. The 21-arrow salute features custom Fred Bear Day whistling flu-flu arrows that have quickly become a staple piece for the event.

Fred Bear Day 21 Arrow Salute Pin and Chip

Fred Bear Day 2022 21 Arrow Salute

Fred Bear Day 21 Arrow Salute

Fred Bear Day 2022 Twenty One Arrow Salute

After the 21-arrow salute, the event moves to the local event center for lunch, guest speakers, a swap meet, and general mingling amongst friends old and new. This year's guest speakers were:

- Gary Bohas, Architect and builder of the Fred Bear Museum

- Christopher Bratin, Professional Alaskan Guide

- Neil Byce III, Director of Operations for Bear Archery and 40+ years with the Brand

Fred Bear was an innovator, educator, and inspiration to many. His affect on the archery industry has paved the road for many and provided the tools for anyone that is interested to be successful in the sport. If you weren't able to join in with this year's festivities, we invite you to join us next year on March 5 for another event dedicated to Mr. Bear. 

Fred Bear Day Neil Byce III Speaking Presentation

Fred Bear Day 2022

Fred Bear Day Event Grayling, MI