Compound Bow - Adult


SKU: AV36A120B7R

320 FPS
Draw Length
24" - 31"
Finish Mossy Oak Bottomland
Draw Weight
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In partnership with The Hunting Public, we are proud to announce the new Bear Adapt +. Based on its field tested and proven predecessor, the Adapt + includes refinements and added features to the exact specifications of THP. The Adapt + features a new cable roller slide, comes equipped with top-of-the-line accessories from Trophy Ridge®️, and is dressed in Mossy Oak®️ Bottomlands Camo; making you more lethal in the field than ever. Boasting an ultra-smooth single cam design, this bow produces speeds up to 320 fps while capable of draw lengths from 24”-31” in half inch increments. This bow will fit almost anyone looking to upgrade their bow or start on their own journey. The versatile 32” axle to axle and 6.75” brace height is maneuverable through any situation. The signature THP RTH Kit includes: Hotwire sight, 5-spot quiver, Whisker Biscuit V, Hitman Stabilizer and wrist sling with quick disconnect system, peep sight and D loop.

  • Designed by The Hunting Public

    In collaboration with The Hunting Public, every detail added at their request
  • Unmatched Smooth Draw Cycle

    Featuring a single cam system with an easy to shoot 80% let off
  • Versatility, Defined

    The 32" axle-to-axle, ergonomic soft-touch grip, and 6.5" brace height make the ADAPT a great option for spot and stalk, blind, or saddle hunting
  • Our Best Package Ever Offered

    The signature THP RTH Kit includes: Hotwire sight, 5-spot quiver, V biscuit, peep sight, D loop, wrist sling and Hitman Stabilizer with quick disconnect system
  • Refinements in the details

    New for the Adapt + is a more efficient roller cable slide, and Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo from top to bottom


brace height
draw length
24" - 31"
draw weight
45-60 OR 55-70

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