VRSA Light

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Color Black
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Introducing the VRSA Light. The VRSA Light quiver holds five arrows using customizable single or dual arrow grippers - also includes micro diameter arrow grippers to accommodate multiple shaft sizes for a tight, secure fit. The innovative design of this one-piece quiver makes it extremely versatile, allowing you to mount it either on the sight bracket or to the bow riser with one of two included riser mount adaptors. These two mounting features create a low-profile design making it possible to sit tight to the bow. The VRSA Light is assembled with 16” rods and comes with 2 additional 10” rods, allowing you to customize the quiver length. The cam locking lever mechanism is designed to lock the quiver securely in place, along with providing a fast and quiet one-hand removal or attachment. The quiver includes a built-in rechargeable LED flashlight, on the top the quiver. With the light on you can safely navigate in low light conditions. The Trophy Ridge VRSA Light arrow quiver has all the components and features that put it in a class of its own.

  • Custom Mounting

    The Quiver can be mounted on a sight bracket or bow riser – Includes riser mount adapters for most bow manufacturers
  • Innovative Mounting Bracket

    Features a cam locking lever system to securely lock the quiver in place, along with fast and easy detachment
  • Convenient

    The hood has a braided hanging rope to hang the quiver, in those tree stand applications
  • Customize Quiver Length

    Comes assembled with 16” rods and Includes an additional set of 10” rods for a more compact quiver
  • Intelligently Designed

    Built-in rechargeable LED lights on top of the hood

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