Hex Light

SKU: AQ110


The world's most innovative and coolest quiver is the Trophy Ridge HexLight. The LED's on top of the hood and inside allow increased visibilty no matter the environment you're in.

Color Black
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Illuminate the hunt with the Hex Light arrow quiver. The Hex Light Arrow Quiver features four glowing green LED lights – three on top of the hood and one inside. The Hex Light quiver holds five arrows using adjustable single or dual arrow grippers, while the precision-designed soft-touch hood of the quiver can accommodate fixed or mechanical broadheads without risk of deploying. Shine brighter with the Trophy Ridge Hex Light Quiver.

  • Intelligently Designed

    Built-in LED lights illuminate arrows and surroundings in low light
  • Quiet

    Soft-touch hood construction reduces vibration and eliminates noise
  • Fast

    Features quick attachment design for fast and easy mounting and detachment
  • Custom Mounting Position

    Adjustable mounting offers low profile against the bow and arrow containment within the bow
  • Secure Grip

    Customizable single or dual arrow grippers and precision-designed hood included

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