Traditional Bow - Adult

Green Glass Grizzly

SKU: AFT2086131GN

Color Shedua/Green Glass
Draw Weight
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Since 1950, the Grizzly has proven itself as a legendary recurve bow. In 1964, Mr. Bear made the last design changes to the Grizzly. The value-priced recurve bow is designed for big performance that will go easy on anyone's budget. Whether you are new to traditional archery or an expert, the Green Glass Grizzly is a sure shooter for any skill level.

  • Superior Build Quality

    Limbs overlaid with clear maple and backed and faced with high-strength green fiberglass
  • Cut-On Center

    Crowned, cut-on center arrow shelf with leather side plate and bear hair arrow rest
  • Timeless Materials

    Darcon string
  • New Look

    All-new iconic design with performance enhancing materials

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