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Whisker Biscuit V Con



The Whisker Biscuit V-Con offers windage and elevation adjustments to increase accuracy and precision in every shot. The patented V-notch technology centers your arrow with fewer points of contact than the original Whisker Biscuit design.

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Maker of the world’s most-popular arrow rest, the original Whisker Biscuit; Trophy Ridge introduces the Whisker Biscuit V Con. The innovative V-shaped design naturally centers the arrow using only two points of contact, eliminating side-to-side arrow movement, resulting in consistent arrow trajectory shot after shot. The Whisker Biscuit V Con’s perpendicular bristles reduce vane drag and allow the arrow to slice through the bristles with ease, maintaining velocity with every shot. This incredibly accurate and consistent arrow rest makes tuning a breeze with its advanced tool-less windage and elevation adjustments and convenient laser-engraved reference marks on the aluminum housing.

  • Arrow Size

    Intelligently designed to fit from the smallest to the largest diameter arrows
  • Secure Positioning

    Full-containment, fall-safe bristles secures arrow in place
  • Easy Adjustments

    Make easy corrections with windage and elevation adjustments with convenient laser-engraved reference marks
  • Quiet

    Custom rubber arrow guides provide quick and silent arrow loading
  • Light Weight Durability

    Durable, all-aluminum construction

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