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Out shoot your opponent with the all-new ShootOut release from Trophy Ridge. This trigger style release features up to 1" in adjustment to ensure you have the perfect fit for a confident shot every time.

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Outshoot your opponent with the Shootout. This compact, dual-caliper bowhunting release features a durable ball joint connection to a full 360-degree swivel arm design allowing the release to be tucked in a shirt or jacket sleeve when not in use. Find your perfect fit with up to 1” of length adjustment for left- and right-hand bowhunters. Fine tune your shot with the fully adjustable trigger travel. Its premium leather buckle strap makes it the perfect choice for bowhunters and target shooters alike. Trophy Ridge Archery, time tested and field-proven since 1960.

  • There When You Need It

    Full 360-degree swiveling arm design allows for unobstructed use
  • Adjustability

    Up to 1” length adjustment for a custom fit
  • Custom Tuning 

    Includes trigger travel adjustment for fine tuning
  • Premium Quality

    Premium leather buckle strap

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