Wrist Strap Release

ArchX Youth



The ArchX Youth release was designed to fit individuals with smaller wrists and hands or youth archers. It offers several adjustments to be tailoredd to the perfect fit. 

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Now young archers can draw back and release with confidence with the Trophy Ridge ArchX YTH release. The wrist strap is ideal for small hands and uses a Velcro® closure system. The length of the infinitely adjustable nylon strap is designed to fit all hand sizes giving each archer a customized fit. The interlocking jaw system and trigger travel adjustment of the ArchX YTH release provides a crisp trigger and smooth release. Trophy Ridge Archery, time tested and field-proven since 1960.

  • Ideal for Small Hands

    Comfortable wrist strap uses a Velcro®-closure system for smaller hands and wrists
  • Smooth Release

    Dual caliper head provides a crisp trigger and smooth release
  • Adjustability

    Infinitely adjustable strap length for complete versatility
  • Dependable Release

    Interlocking jaw system for a perfect release
  • Custom Tuning

    Includes trigger travel adjustment for fine tuning

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