Slick Tip Field Points

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Practice and perfect your accuracy with the Trophy Ridge Slick Tip Carbon Field Points! Great for practice or tournament use, these carbon arrow points come in a pack of 6 and are available in 100 or 125 grain weights. Total Dimensions: 7.6 x 3.8 x 0.6 inches.

  • Collar

    Crafted with a self-lubricating Du-Pont Delrin collar for enhanced durability and smooth operation, ensuring reliable performance shot after shot

  • Size

    Includes 100 grain tips to meet your needs with precision

  • Quantity

    Comes in a 6-pack providing you with an ample supply for your target practice sessions

  • Practice Ready

    Engineered to perfection, these broadheads are ideal for honing your accuracy and precision during practice sessions, helping you sharpen your skills

  • Tournament Ready

    Approved for both recreational and tournament use, these broadheads meet the stringent standards of competitive archery, ensuring consistent and reliable performance when it matters most

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