TrueX Max Crossbow Bolts


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Featuring TrueX Nock Technology, the Bear X TrueX Max Crossbow Bolts are designed for crossbow hunters who demand the highest quality, speed, and accuracy from their equipment. Each 6-pack of TrueX Max Crossbow Bolts come fully equipped with 100 grain field points, inserts, and TrueX nocks for consistent and accurate arrow flight, shot after shot. Every TrueX Max Crossbow Bolt is inspected and sorted for straightness within +/-.005”, fletched with 4” vanes, 20” long, and 425 grains for bone crushing penetration with each shot.

  • TrueX Nock Technology

    Featuring TrueX Nock Technology for consistent and accurate arrow flight
  • Dimensions

    Crossbow arrows are 20” long and fletched with 4” vanes
  • Compatability

    Compatible with BearX Crossbows under 12” axle to axle when cocked
  • Contents

    6-pack of 425 grains crossbow arrows with 100 grain field points
  • Premium Quality

    Inspected and sorted for straightness within +/-.005

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